Welcome to premiere live streaming of performance THINGS THING / REČI REČI by choreographers Jan Rozman and julia Keren Turbahn. With THINGS THING, Jan and Julia invite you into an overflowing world of things. Into a world of possibilities, in which they encounter things and things encounter them in different ways. Is that your thing? Then be part of it: in a playful performance, Jan and Julia leave room for interpretation, discovery and encounter, and invite everyone from the age of six to thing together.

Once your order is placed and the ticket is purchased you will be one step closer to enjoy one hour of things. On the day of the event we will send you e-mail with access link for attending the live event.

Ticket presale for REČI REČI streaming edition has closed. We invite you to follow our events at www.emanat.si and join us at the next occasion.

Where does the event happen? Live from Ljubljana Puppet Theater via Pretok.tv (you will receive a link on the day of the show)

When does the event happen?
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