Tatovi podob / Image Snatchers April 22, 2021

Welcome to multimedia streaming edition of your favorite mute comedy of the body, to yet another naked technoburlesque, where program code for ciphering ones own limited silliness will be looted by snatchers. Welcome to our media garden temporarily based in Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana from which we will transmit image fragments and body transvestites!

Once your order is placed and the ticket is purchased you will be one step closer to enjoy one hour of image thieveries. On the day of the event we will send you e-mail with access link for attending the live event.

Ticket presale for Image Snatchers telematic edition has closed. We invite you to follow our events at www.emanat.si and join us at the next occasion.

Location: Live from Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana via Pretok.tv

April 22, 2021
Begin: 20:00
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